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Clearwater Fishing Report for June
Clearwater Fishing Report for June

June Fishing Report 2011
Fish catching in June has been outstanding with our targeted species, snook, redfish and trout cooperating to the fullest. At this time of year, the snook are in the passes and on the beaches of our west coast waters. Redfish and trout are located on the grass flats inside the bays of Clearwater and Dunedin. Mackerel, sharks, lady fish and blue fish are making a good showing as well.

The water temperatures are climbing into the mid 80ís and the air temp is around 90. With little rain so far this month, look for a hot day on the water.

The following are a few of my clients and what they have been catching.

Bill, Maria and Daniel worked together to catch their slam in Clearwater. Bill caught a 30 inch snook. Then Daniel nailed the 18 inch redfish and Maria finished the slam with a bunch of trout. The slammers added lots of other trout, mackerel and small sharks as well fishing on the grass flats in the bay.

Rich, Terry and grandson, Michael joined me and added a double slam when Rich and Michael caught all three fish, a snook, a redfish and a trout. Rich had a 64 total inch slam and Michaelís was 73 total inches. Terry did catch a 31 inch snook and lots of trout but could not hook up a redfish. Both Rich and Terry added one more small snook each.

Charlie and Al came out on a windy day and cashed in on redfish and trout. They also added lady fish, mackerel and a few blue fish. Their combined ages was over 175 years and were catching those fish with ease.

Russ joined up forces with his father-in-law, Al, to get on the water for some fishing. Al struck first with a nice 31 inch snook and then followed up with another snook around 27 inches. Russ followed up later with a 20 inch snook and both caught lots of trout, mackerel and lady fish. We fished hard for redfish but could not find them today.

Matt and Jack came out to see what red fishing was all about. They started out catching some smaller fish. Then the big boys moved in and they both did a fantastic job reeling in over 15 redfish. Several of their fish were over 30 inches and put up a great fight. The bite shut down there so we moved and continued catching trout, mackerel and some small sharks across the bay.

Wendy and her dad, Denny came out on Fatherís day. We started out looking for snook on Clearwater Beach. Denny had several fish pick up the bait and took off into the rocks and were cut off. He did catch some 19 inch trout at that location. Wendy reeled in a nice 30 inch snook and then followed up with a beautiful 37 incher. The snook bite shut down and we moved inside the bay. They finished the day with a mess of trout, mackerel and lady fish.

Doug, Ryan and Lawrence were next to test the summer time snook fishing. Ryan struck first and second with a 24 and 26 inch fish. Lawrence got in on the action with his 26 inch snook. We moved up on the flats and spent some time looking for redfish but had no takers. They finished inside Clearwater Bay when Doug caught a black tip shark. All anglers added trout, lady fish and a couple of unmentionables. Ryan had a blast catching his 30 inch Bonnet head shark.

Rob joined up and we headed out looking for snook on the beach. He caught a few small ones to warm up. Then landed a nice 35 inch snook and did a fantastic job bringing in the fish. Not bad for catching his first snook. The bite shut down and we moved on to the redfish. Rob caught 3 redfish and one was 27 inches. We finished with a mess of trout with the biggest one at 22 inches. Rob had a great 84 inch slam.

Bob and daughter Lauren came on board to see what kind of action we could get into. Bob caught a 25 inch snook to start the day off. Then Lauren landed her first redfish inside the bay on the flats. She caught 4 redfish all total and the biggest was 25 inches. They ended up catching lots of trout, lady fish and some small sharks. It took both anglers to catch their slam.

The weather has been fantastic and the water is very clean. Using the lightest line you can get away with is your best bet. White bait has worked on the snook and shrimp is the ticket for redfish and trout. The small black tip sharks have added a bonus catch.
Its summer time fishing in Clearwater and the action is hot. So is the weather but you can always pull over to a sandy spoil island and take a swim?

Capt. Gary

Email Guide or Angler: captgary@allcatchcharters.com

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