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How to Catch-Photo-Release
How to Catch-Photo-Release

Catch, Photo and Release.

With every client I take fishing, I always look forward to taking a memorable photograph of fish and angler so they will have the memory to share and can cherish the moment forever.

Today’s world of catch and release fishing has coined yet another acronym, CPR. No not the one where you beat on someone’s chest, hold their nose and blow air in their mouth, although it is sort of related. This CPR stands for Catch-Photo-Release.

For this whole scenario to work, you obviously have to catch a fish first. Before it is released, most anglers like to have a memory of their trophy in the form of a photograph. Finally the angler gently resuscitates the fish and lets it swim on to freedom to fight another day.

To be sure you get a good photo before the release; here are some tips from a professional writer and photographer.

I learned from pure experience what makes pictures work and those that consistently failed. The following suggestions might help you become a better photographer.

* Think of yourself behind the camera as simply taking an instant slice of history and the action occurring. In other words, candid shots of anglers fighting a fish, landing and releasing it during a fish-fight are far more interesting.

* Particularly in the middle of the day when the sun is directly overhead, ask people to remove their hats or use the camera's fill-flash to avoid a shadowing effect that makes faces too dark.

* Before pressing the shutter to take a picture, let your eyes wander in the viewfinder to see if unnecessary and distracting objects (such as a soda can) should be removed or the angle changed to eliminate them.

* Speaking of angles, change the angles often to give a more interesting perspective. Instead of shooting from your eye level all the time, stoop down or stand on something to give a unique look to a typical scene. In the same vein, shoot vertically at times and not always horizontally.

* Instead of white tee shirts, ask your fishing buddies to wear something more colorful. This makes the anglers and fish stand out better against the typical whiteness of a deck, gunnels, and the bodies of most fish, too.

* Tell the captain that you'd like to snap a couple of pictures just as the fish are released. In this way, he'll pause a moment to give you that chance.

I hope these ideas will improve your times on the water. There is nothing better than fighting a trophy fish on the flats in shallow water, taking a memorable photo and then releasing to allow the fish to fight another day.

Thanks for these great suggestions, Doug Kelly.

Capt. Gary Burch

Email Guide or Angler: captgary@allcatchcharters.com

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