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Fishing Reports for Tampa Bay, July Fishing Report Second Half


July Fishing Report Second Half
July Fishing Report Second Half

July, Second Half

The month of July continued to produce good catches of snook, redfish, trout, ladyfish and sharks. The weather remained hot but that did not discourage the anglers from targeting some of Clearwater’s favorite piscatorial species.

Here are a few of the catches during the last two weeks of July.

Daniel and sons, 8 year old Louis and 6 year old Mats, took on a few of Clearwater’s fish. Louis struck first with a nice 24 inch snook and then Daniel and Mats got into the action with catches of additional linesiders. Five snook were landed before the bite shut down and we moved on. We set up in the bay over some grass flats and the trio started catching trout and ladyfish. Mats nailed a nice 20 inch gator trout. The guys finished with a dozen trout ranging from 15 to 20 inches. Well done.

The snook action continued when Nick and Steve came aboard to do some catching. Steve didn’t take long to land his fish, a nice 30 incher. Then Nick’s rod started bending and landed 5 snook. His first fish was a small 20 incher and they progressed in size with his largest topping out at 28 inches. The action slowed and we relocated inside Clearwater, looking to exploit some trout that have been on fire this summer. Both anglers nailed down a half dozen fish, all 18 to 20 inches.

The snook action slowed up the last week of July due to windy weather that dirtied up the gulf and shut the bite down. But the redfish bite picked up to take its place. Joe and Bauk found that out when she landed her first ever redfish and a few other smaller fish as well. That first red measured 30 inches and put up a good fight. Both anglers did a great job landing 5 reds and 15 trout with a few ladyfish mixed in.

Danny came out and landed his first redfish which measured in at 33 inches. This size fish puts up a great fight on light tackle. Seven foot rods and 15 lb. breaded line is perfect for this type of fishing with lots of rod bending and drag screaming action. Danny ended up with several smaller reds and a half dozen trout.

July turned out to be another great summer month for fishing in the Clearwater area. It goes to show you that there is a lot of catching going on in the hot summer months. The most important factor to follow is the tides. Even though the bay water may be 90 degrees, a good incoming tide will refresh and turn the bite on.

A well-seasoned experienced guide will help also. Catch’em up.

Capt. Gary

Email Guide or Angler: captgary@allcatchcharters.com

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