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March Fishing Forecast for Clearwater and Dunedin
March Fishing Forecast for Clearwater and Dunedin

March 2015 Fishing Forecast for Clearwater Fl.

So far this year we have had a relatively cool winter for my January and February fishing charters in Dunedin and Clearwater fishing areas. Several times during February, the water temperatures dropped below 60 degrees. Normal temps for the winter months usually average around the low to mid 60ís. My customers were not complaining because most of them are from up north and they had snow in their states. March will bring the water temps up to 70 and the spring bite will be on.

The days are longer and the sunshine is stronger, helping to bring on spring in St. Joseph Sound and Clearwater Bay waters.

Trout and redfish will continue to be the major targets for fishing in March.

Redfish: I would start my search for spring time redfish on the east side of the bay, along the docks, mangroves and oyster beds that cover that east shore line. Some of these areas will hold fish better than other so keep moving in your hunt for signs of hungry predators. Look for big schools of mullet as redfish and trout love to hang out in close proximity. Once fish are found, bring out the shrimp or small pin fish and fish the area thoroughly.

The redfish were hit and miss on some days in February but should show up more consistently in March. The reds will be scattered all over the bay coming out of winter in Clearwater and Dunedin and moving around will be my plan to find them. Search some Clearwater Bay flats, Dunedin docks and look next to spoil islands in the north bay area. Like I mentioned, keep moving for best results. Most all of the reds will bite on live shrimp. This time of year, winter and spring, shrimp and small crabs are the reds main diet. Toss a shrimp anywhere near a red, and he will eat it.

Trout: Look for moving water in the bays with a grass and sand bottom. Chose a spot were your flat is next to deeper water. The trout like to set up on the edge and pick off their food. Toss out your baits under a float and keep it near the shallows right next to the drop off. Trout like to hang just off the flats on the edge of the deeper water. Donít pass up the same spots where you found them in February. If white bait is found, use it. If not, use shrimp, jigs or plugs. My favorite artificial will be the Cal 3" shad in darker colors and the Top Dog Jr.

Great catches are showing up day after day here in the Clearwater fishing area. The fish are here to eat and my clients are putting on a great show. This action should continue during March and on into summer. As long as the weather cooperates and the bait is plentiful, get out and get yourself some fish catching action.

Capt. Gary Burch owns and operates All Catch Charters and specializes in live baits and artificials. He guides inshore, flats and backcountry from Clearwater to Tarpon Springs. To reach Capt. Gary for a charter, please call 727 458-6335 or visit his website:

Capt. Gary Burch


Email Guide or Angler: captgary@allcatchcharters.com

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