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November Fishing Forecast for Clearwater Fl
November Fishing Forecast for Clearwater Fl

November 2012:

This is a great month to be fishing the flats and back waters of Clearwater and Dunedin. The cold fronts that push through can stir up the waters a bit and drop the temperatures somewhat. It would be best to wait a day or two after a front passes and then give it a try. Fishing can be great in November as long as you dodge the cold fronts.

All of the inshore fish should be available this month. Large trout will move into the bay waters of Clearwater and St. Joseph Sound as it cools down. Redfish will school up in the shallows along the mangrove shore lines. Mackerel will be scattered throughout the bay waters on the incoming tide. Snook will move to the back waters and canals on the east side of both bays as we move into winter.

As long as the weather says relatively stable for the entire month, start with a visit to Barracuda Bob's Bait and Tackle on Dunedin Causeway for the latest weather and fishing conditions. Then search for gator trout along the north side of the causeway, drifting the grass flats of St Joseph Sound. The fish will move around and so should you. Use white bait if you can find it, other wise use shrimp. There are lots of artificials that catch big trout as well. One such jig I used last year to catch several gator trout over 24 inches was the “Mr. Twister” in root beer color.

Redfish will be found behind Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands. These fish constantly move so when you find the school, use a stealth approach. White bait, cut bait, shrimp and Gulp artificials all work good when targeting redfish. Use the high tide to do your searching up in the shallow waters.

Set up on the outside of the passes, weather permitting, and start chumming. It want be long until the mackerel show up. These speedy fish add lots of drag screaming action to any fishing trip.

Now if a super cold front blows through and drops the water temperature 10 or more degrees, count on that to change everything. Wait a couple of days and start all over again.

Hope for a nice cool down during November, we all like cool weather for turkey day.

Capt. Gary

Email Guide or Angler: captgary5@allcatchcharters.com

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