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Tips for Fishing with Kids
Tips for Fishing with Kids

Introduce your child to fishing.

Saltwater fishing is as much about the adventure as it is about the fish. Many of the sport fish species can be big and mean, and the water can be big and bad. But being on the water with your kids provides an excellent opportunity to teach them about their environment pertaining to boating, fishing and safety skills. Kids enjoy feeling included, and what better way to instill some responsibility in your children than to take them fishing.

Depending on their age, give them small things for which they are responsible, such as ensuring that everyone has a personal floatation device, or teaching them how to cast a fishing line out.

Kids like to stay active. Plan an outing on the boat that includes water activities such as, looking for wildlife or learning how to fish and examining the fish you catch. Let them release the fish back into the water. Never, never forget to take a picture because this will create lifelong memories.

Tips for Fishing with Kids

An ultra-light spinning or spin casting rod and reel combo is usually easier for kids to use. Fit the size of the equipment to the size of your child.

Avoid hooks larger than size 10 (hook sizes run backwards—size 12 is smaller than size 10). Fish won’t readily take large hooks unless they are feeding voraciously. Smaller hooks allow small fish to become hooked rather than nibbling off your bait. Remember to use smaller baits to fit the hook size.

Light line will do the job, preferably 8 to 10 lb. test line. Unless you’re targeting larger species, light line is your best bet.

Boating and fishing provide unlimited learning—learning that lasts a lifetime. Use this time to gather as a family and create your memories.

Every year millions of American kids throw out a line and pull in a memory—not only of a fish they caught, but also of who they were with and what they experienced. These are tomorrow's anglers and future guardians of our precious waters.

Whether it's the first fish ever caught, a new personal record or a tale from a memorable fishing trip, the accomplishments of kids are never forgotten.

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So take a kid fishing, they will never forget it.

Capt. Gary

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