Medical Transport: Comfort & Amenities

Something else you might want to check into when finding a transport service is whether or not they have room for your loved ones to ride with you. Sometimes people get very nervous and anxious in situations where they don’t know anyone and this is especially true for medical situations. For instance, if you’ve never ridden in a transport before and you don’t know what to expect, then you might be scared or extremely stressed out. Not only can having family with you help ease your worries and fears, but it will also keep your family updated on everything that’s going on. They might also feel better being with you in these types of situations.

Most times, people hate having to think about their family members being vulnerable and in a situation where they feel scared and helpless so this will help ease everyone’s mind. With that being said, most transports will only have enough room for 1 or 2 family members to ride with the patient. While you probably don’t want to be alone, you also don’t want to try and have so many people to the point that the ride is uncomfortable and possibly unsafe. In fact, it sometimes isn’t just an issue of not enough room. Most companies have a very strict policy on how many people can ride with the patient.
medical vehicles Another thing you could look into is the comfort of the transport vehicle. For example, you can ask what kind of material the seats and/or beds are made out of. You don’t want to be sitting or laying on something that is very thin with little support for an extended period of time. Not only could this leave you sore, but if you have other issues, like arthritis, it can make these conditions worse. You could also ask about pillows and blankets. You want the ride to be comfortable and relaxing and these things can help with that. If they don’t provide these things, you can always ask if you can bring your own with you. Sometimes on long rides, people want to be able to catch a nap and relax.
long distance transportation Finally, if your appointment allows it, you can ask if they offer snacks and drinks, even if it’s something small like a soda and bag of chips. This is especially appreciated on very long rides because you probably won’t stop many places. If you are worried about stopping for something like the bathroom, you should ask how many stops can be made and if they tell you not many, you want want to ask what accommodations they make for people needing to use the bathroom. One of the biggest concerns is your comfort so you want to make sure the transport is going to be able to meet your needs.

Besides comfort, some people wonder what kinds of amenities are offered in the transport vehicle. Keep in mind, these are just normal vehicles so there aren’t going to be all kinds of fancy things and it’s going to vary from company to company. Some of the basic things the transport might have are listed below.

  • DVD players and TVs so you can bring along your favorite shows and movies.
  • WiFi so you can hook up to the internet.
  • Radio so you can relax while listening to music.
  • Snacks and drinks so you can feel refreshed while riding.
  • Blankets and pillows so you can catch a nap if you’re feeling tired.
  • Comfortable seats and beds so you don’t have to worry about being sore while riding.

Remember, these are just possibilities and some companies might offer them all, while others might only offer 1 or none.